While numerous couples are attempting to keep their participants mobile phones out of their hands during their wedding day some are attempting to keep their weddings “connected”. As innovation turns out to be all the more accessible for the normal couple we are seeing innovation increasingly more used to make a wedding day much progressively unique.

Drone Photography 

     Attempting to get everybody together for those incredible wedding shots can be close to unthinkable during the energy of the day. In the event that you had some extra help from a higher source, it could make the experience a lot simpler. Flying photography is getting substantially more well known among couples planning to catch interesting pictures and sublime shots during their huge day. On the off chance that you are keen on going this course remember drones do make a ton of sound and are not allowed in certain regions so make certain to check ahead of time before seizing this tech pattern.

3D Printed Cake

     The 3-D printing style is advancing into the universe of culinary arts. Have your pastry specialist make a humble cake that is personally all yours and afterward include surprising 3D printed geometric shapes for a special pop. You can likewise have a stunning 3D printed cake topper made exclusively for you. This new age technology is relatively new so finding those who can work this technology isn’t the easiest but can be well worth the search for fine details.


Photo Booth 

     The photobooth trend is staying for one more year but for certain weddings its taking on a totally different structure with trend setting innovation. Multi dimensional images are becoming the overwhelming focus with regards to cakes, room structure and more and this isn’t halting with regards to the excitement of visitors. Make this wonderful idea all yours by leasing one from a large number of the holographic innovation organizations over the United States. Guest can produce genuine holographic renditions of themselves they can find continuously. 


Virtual Wedding Planner

     Increasingly more of your big day is moving to the web with web based videoing, photography and considerably more. Indeed, even the arranging processes has discovered its home on your cell phone. The next generation need to have the option to outline their wedding plans in a hurry and have all of the data at their hand without hauling around organizers and folios of symbolism. Numerous apps made by wedding experts permit prospective couples plan their wedding with less issues while guiding them through courses of events and stages individually up until the huge day. 


     The tech scene has advanced into all pieces of our lives and will keep doing so for a long time to come so why not have that innovation work for you by making your big day that vastly improved.

James Novotny is the administrative assistant at The I Do Company and director Always the Bridesman