First dance/wedding

Chicago wedding dance and instruction

Your first wedding dance is a memory you will want to cherish for a lifetime.

I Do Dance Studio will work with you to make your first dance a showcase of your personality and style that is fun and stress-free. Our professional instructors will ask all the right questions to ensure that your first dance goes off without a hitch. We want to make sure your moment in the spotlight is a highlight of your special day that your family and friends will rave about for years to come.

Learning to dance is a wonderful way to bond and release stress as you prepare for your big day. We know preparing can be overwhelming and learning to dance is a great way to create time to spend together and have a new experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives.

Lessons are taught within the Shapiro Ballroom which functions as a wedding reception hall and event space. With hundreds of first dances under our belt, we can help you create the dance of your dreams. From formal to casual, sensual too silly, we have have done it all! Our flexible schedule makes it easy for you to work around your busy lives.



Other Wedding Dance Services We Offer:

Mother & Son Dance
Father & Daughter Dance
Bridal Party Lessons

Wedding Reception Classes

We offer dance instruction services for the day of your wedding! A partner dance class in the style of your choice for your guests while you’re busy taking post-ceremony family pictures can be a great way to get the dance floor started at your reception. We know how to get your guests dancing! Please contact us for more information.

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Wedding dance packages

crash course


  • (1) 45-minute Consultation
  • (3) 55-minute Private Lessons
  • Basic Music Edits

standard wedding 

$435 ($30 savings)

  • (1) 45-minute Consultation
  • (6) 55-minute Private Lessons
  •  Basic Music Editing

storybook wedding 

$900 ($100 savings)

  • (1) 45-minute Consultation
  • (12) 55-minute Private Lessons
  • Choreography
  • Unlimited Music Edits

unforgettable wedding 

$1300 ($225 savings)

  • (1) 45-minute Consultation
  • (18) 55-minute Private Lessons
  • Choreography
  • Unlimited Music Edits

Cancellation Policy

Students are required give at least a 24-hour notice when canceling a private lesson. You can be charged up to the full cost of the lesson for a late cancellation.

All Dancers Welcome

I Do Dance Studio is an inclusive company that welcomes dancers of all races, ages, religions, abilities, gender presentations and sexual orientations, including LGBTQ.