This year, we’re especially eager to reach for 2020 trends —there’s something apparently extraordinary about the date, right?! All things considered, we can’t resist the urge to feel a slight ting of wistfulness bidding farewell to 2019 and all that we saw in weddings this previous year. Below are a handful of new trends to bring to your big day and a few you should ditch come 2020 wedding season.

Trending 2020: Non-customary blooms. Rather than new blossoms, dried blossoms are in—in some cases painted or faded and, once in a while, left normal. 

Dead Trends: Flower walls. With the death of customary blooms and a revitalization or dried material flower walls are becoming a trend of the past.

Trending 2020: While this is not a new trend eco-friendly wedding will still be strong in 2020. Eco friendly takes on many forms from the paper material used, the decor rented and making sure everything is local.

Dead Trends: Family-style supper is on its way out! Couples are wanting their guests to feel taken care of and are opting for a serving staff to care for attendees rather than having them serve themselves.

Trending 2020: Art is taking hold in event decor. Pulling motivation from exhibitions, design shows, and workmanship books, customers are liking their designs to replicate their prefered applied arts like interior design, furniture design and more.

Dead Trends: The desserts buffet is out! With the desire for a more formal setting the buffet design and dessert table are going with it. Rather than offering a buffet style opt for the old fashion served cake.

Trending 2020: Pantone Color of the Year is “Classic Blue,”. Blue being what it is goes with many different shades and hoes so we are hoping to see even more color this year then years prior. 

Dead Trends: Barn weddings! They had their time and place but barn weddings are starting to fall short of creativity.With alternative styles and more formal settings brides are choosing more innovative settings.  


     Hopefully these ideas will help you plan a magnificent, trendy but still unique event. Remember to always incorporate your style regardless of what trends you choose to follow.