Deciding who makes the cut when it comes to your wedding party certainly isn’t easy. You can always go with the occasional 10-12 bridesmaids but odds are that’s not your thing, so how can you possibly decide? All things considered, this should be your day, your way, isn’t that so? Unwind and be kind to yourself. Picking your wedding party needn’t be a bad dream!

Decisions and Choices 

     The first decision you need to make is how many wedding party members do you want standing at your side. The average is 3-4 including a maid of honor or best man. Classic tradition dictates one attendant for each 50 visitors. This rule has went to the wayside along with picking only members of one sex. Remember to be realistic with your wedding location, how many people can you actually fit at the front of the venue?

The Process

     Start by composing your list of personal individuals you want. Next, include your partner’s picks, and the individuals who might attend alongside such as their partners. To make the decision easier check for groupings such as family or close friends. This will give you a way out when it comes to the awkward conversation that may arise if someone asks why they were not picked. “I really only wanted family.”

Dispensing Jobs

     Yes, being chosen comes with an array of tasks. The wedding party isn’t up there to just look pretty so make sure your chosen are ready for the job. The Maid-of-Honor’ primary obligations is arranging the pre-wedding party and helping the bride select her outfit and address invitations. The bridesmaids help the Maid-of-Honor. The delegation of jobs are not specific to assess your needs and desires and work with your partner and your Maid-of-Honor to decide what you need.

Popping the Question 

     Presentation can be fun! Whether it is providing a small gift or taking them out to dinner, there are plenty of ways of asking your companions whether or not they want to be apart of your big day. In the event that you anticipated a companion would say yes and they don’t, don’t be insulted. Odds are it’s no reflection on you. Your friend may not have the time or money to take on the responsibility that comes with being apart of a wedding party.

Family Obligations 

     One major thing to remember is that this is your day so all decisions should be yours however if parents or in-laws are providing a large portion of the funds to make this wedding happen you may feel a sense of obligation to include or invite members of the family you would rather not see. Unfortunately there is no real way around this if your host persists. One way of avoiding this is funding the entirety of your wedding if possible.

     Wedding party choices may not always be the most simple tasks when it comes to pulling your wedding together but the experience and memories created are well worth the trouble.