Regularly a wedding gathering includes an ideal blend of wistful addresses, dancing, fun music, and individual activities including a photo booth, signature mixed drink and more! Yet, nobody will recall any of these amazing details if they are spending the evening wondering when their next meal is to arrive. Creating a nice flow regardless of what food serving style you choose is paramount.

Start Off on the Right Food

   Make sure you are serving nourishments quickly toward the start of the reception so the guests can get used to the flow of the event. If you are having a cocktail hour like most couples, at this point sit down and have the plate of mixed greens served. Most couples have begun skipping this step. Towards the finish of the plate of mixed greens, have the greetings and perhaps a dad daughter dance. As the dance takes place go directly from the salad into the dinner and afterward you should do toasts toward the finish of that.

Assemble for the Main Course 

    As far as serving the main course, keeping buffet-style occasions composed by having the DJ or MC call each table independently, and not letting visitors serve themselves. To stop common questions that may arise have a menu evident right toward the start of the buffet, and on the off chance that there are a great deal of dietary issues, at that point every individual thing can be named with the goal that individuals recognize what it is. Regardless of whether you go for table service, buffet style, or family-style, try to keep the dinner portion of the evening at 60 minutes.

Try not to Make Cake Cutting “A Thing” 

    With regards to cutting the cake, keep it straightforward. After the course hold the toasts for close to 20 minutes with a quick and painless cake cutting, followed quickly by the first dance. During the dance service staff will finish off the cake cutting and have desserts served. At this point after the cake cutting,  is the point at which the DJ increases the music and individuals start to truly party. The cutting shouldn’t take excessively long, in fact a ton of couples of late have not been halting the activity to cut the cake at all!

Serve Late-Night Bites 

   When it comes to late night snacks there is no need to stop the activity. Utilizing a small station for coffees and sweets or having servers make their way with trays throughout the room are both good methods of service without stopping the dancing. Regardless of whether it’s a frozen yogurt truck, nachos, or something exceptional to the couple, try to keep everyone intrigued and the party moving.

   All in all make sure there is a consistent flow to the evening and provide your guests menus and timelines so there is no confusion over the order of the evening.

James Novotny is the administrative asssitant at The I Do Company and director Always the Bridesman