Whether you’ve been on a regime in anticipation of your wedding, or are simply getting around to contemplating your look for the huge day, all grooms certainly have a few ‘handful of prewedding look to-dos’ left to do before the large day. The below men’s prepping guide is ideal for the groom who has four to five weeks left until his big day.

  1. Skincare 

     Fixing your complexion is on everybody’s pre-wedding plan for the day, and regardless of how far along or not really far-along you are with your everyday practice, the couple of weeks paving the way to the wedding are sufficient time for you to see an improvement. Try a trip to a dermatologist early on in your wedding planning process as they can suggest a skin care regimen that will work best for your skin type and any issues that may arise. If your fiance convinces you of a facial treatment make sure this is done a few days prior so your skin has time to wooth away any redness that may occur from new products.

  1. Teeth Whitening 

     Odds are, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear on your big day. What’s more, with everyone’s eyes on you, you’ll need your grin to be as brilliant as anyone might imagine. If you choose to got he route of having your teeth whitened, treatments for in-office brightening can extend from a couple hundred dollars to up to $1000, yet the outcomes are well justified for far past your wedding day.

  1. Hair 

     On the off chance that you just go to one pre-wedding hair appointment, this is the one you ought not miss. You should book a hair arrangement a month prior to the wedding to trim up your classic style and choose how you need to wear your hair on the wedding day. The Male Salon offers amazing services for soon to be grooms in the Chicago area.  At this visit, never do anything extreme as you may not like the result and there’s no way to go back! Use this time to pose any inquiries such as how to replicate the style the day of or any tools or products you may need for the big day.

  1. Gym Visit

    In case you’re keeping up your gym schedule, step things up at the one-month point and spotlight for the most part on higher force exercises. This implies shorter rest periods, longer circuits, and moving toward full-body exercises and higher pulse all through the entire exercise. The following month is the place you will see the most improvement and progress in your pre-wedding gym center daily schedule. Also be sure to watch your diet around this time as well. Remember men don’t have nearly as many fittings for suiting as women do for dresses. Check out the East Bank Club for gym subscriptions! 

     All in all it is a safe remember to never try or introduce anything new to your routine a month prior to your wedding date so there are no mishaps or issues that may arise that can’t be resolved in the limited time you have. To finish off you deserve a classic suit that can be found at Mens Wearhouse!

James Novotny is the administrative assistant at The I Do Company and director Always the Bridesman