Industrial weddings are the highlight of 2019 and 2020. This eco-friendly option brings with it a plethora of decor and style opportunities that you can incorporate or alter to fit your personal vision. When it comes to creating a story for your wedding day with an industrial backdrop you can go two directions. You can work with the venues image, matching industrial with metal and brick to create a complementary look or build a juxtaposed environment by using pieces that contrast with the space for a look with more of a ‘pop’!


     These little details are the first things your guests will see and as such should reflect the image of your overall day. Aside from the crucial information that needs to be included (Check out The Knot for more information!), the image is just as important as it sets a certain standard. If you want a more monochromatic look try using shades that match the exposed brick whether that’s shades of red or white. Metallic hues such as silver and gold are always a safe bet for any direction you choose to go. The mix of silver foil with a more elegant typography will make the perfect first look.


   If your altar is at a place of worship or a secondary location from the venue the need to match it to tour day may not be as critical but if your ceremony is also taking place in the industrial setting all eyes will be on your make-shift altar for some time. Play up your location’s industrial vibe by keeping the decor minimal and metallic. Rustic piping, iron and wood are always safe ways to go. However for that extra wow factor try allocating some of your floral budget to your backdrop. There is nothing more eye catching then floral against brick.  


   Speaking of flowers aim to use a lot of greenery. This will not only save you bundles in your floral budget but the contrasting look of greenery and earth against the elements of industrialism created by man is a gorgeous and unforgettable look. While your greens should be over the top try sticking with a softer color palette especially if your backdrop is red brick. Shades of white, cream, soft pink and lavenders work perfectly in such a space. Check out Flowers for Dreams For your flowers today!


  Industrial doesn’t always have to mean hard an uncomfortable especially with a wedding. While you may opt for a more wooden or metal look that does not mean you can not offer a softer touch when it comes to seating. With a monochromatic color theme including the aforementioned shades of white, cream and soft pink, texture plays a crucial role. Chairs are the perfect way to implement this with soft fabrics and cushioned seating. 


   The Shapiro Ballrooms theatre history creates a unique backdrop that most industrial settings do not provide including an oversized marquee outside. Oversized marquee letters are both simple and graphic and are an old world decor idea that can be carried inward. If you are the couple choosing a more eye catching approach try mixing in a little bit of glam with gold-dipped ceramic vases with a glass top or a more modern feel using decor pieces that create a more geometric image that is also a trend for 2020.


   Remember to keep reception tables uncluttered as this is the whole idea of the architectural design. Choosing a few candles or a simple arrangement of greenery is more than enough. candlesticks and minimal blooms in monochromatic tones. Whatever you have arranged them in odd numbers to create a ‘bigger’ and more natural effect. Think 1, 3, 5 and 7. The design theme may be minimalistic to fit the venue’s tone, but there’s nothing more romantic than the glow of candlelight even in an industrial space.


   Have you thought of concrete dinnerware? Metal and stone is the way to go. In this case your traditional china may not look best. Set your table with plates and chargers that fit your theme for an instant dose of industrial uniqueness. This look should also move to your cake display which can also fit the theme of stone and metallics to create a cohesive look. Your glassware does not need to be anything too special as glass, being clear adds itself to any style, however you can try a colored glass in shades of oranges or deep greens to add something special.


   The all important dessert is a showstopper regardless of what direction you choose to take. Try going for a multi tiered cake with metallic hues and dark tones or more geometric style with more green and natural colors. Either style you go for add geometric accents in metallic tones to create a very minimal and modern style. If these ideas worry you remember that white and creams are always a safe direction to take.

James Novotny is the administrative assistant at The I Do Company and director Always the Bridesman