I do dance

Wedding & Social Dancing

Getting started!

Eager to get started but not sure how? Whether you’re getting ready for a big dance event or just wanting to take some dance lessons we can help you figure out your next step just by scheduling your free consultation. Classes don’t require having a partner either!

Private Lessons

Our instructors are trained to personalize your one-on-one lessons to your individual learning style so you can reach your full dancing potential. Don’t know what style of dance is best for you? Let us help you figure it out.

Wedding Dances

Planning a wedding reception can be stressful but your first dance should be fun! I Do Dance Studio will work with you to make your first dance a showcase of your personality and style that is fun and stress-free. Our professional instructors will ask all the right questions to ensure that your first dance goes off without a hitch.

grab those dance shoes!