Every party has a purpose unique to itself but one underlying goal is bringing people together. In a perfect situation at any party most of the guests are familiar with each other due to some common background but that isn’t always the case. If the guests are unacquainted friends of the host, are members in different branches of a single group or just haven’t have the chance to meet creating circulation at a party can be a bit more challenging. If guest don’t know each other people often split off into their own groups and really break the flow of the event. Helping to rectify this situation should be an important job to the host of the event and can easily be accomplished with topics related to the party, bridging the gap between guests and inviting the correct mix of people.

   Background music, the immediate venue space, unique centerpieces, striking food displays are all aspects that go into topics related to the party. Everyone has heard of a ‘conversation piece’ when it comes to a home. It’s usually a unique feature that gives your guests something to talk about and engage in conversation. This same idea applies to party guests. Providing them with a topic they can all engage in whether it is interesting foods or a unique venue. Background music is always a good tool to be used at parties to engage guests. Depending on the attendees and the theme, background music can make or break the mood and conversation of an event. The party itself if planned correctly can act as a talking point for guests who are not acquainted to engage in conversation over a shared experience.

   Your job as a host takes many roles, one of those being the unifier of the guests of your event. If you invited them, odds are you know them and it is up to you to bridge the gap between them. Bringing up topics of common ground gives rise to conversation. Some hosts implement ‘getting to know you games’ and these can be fun for most guests but always be wary of more introverted members of the group. Some people just don’t like being the center of attention and these games can make these guests uncomfortable. Sometimes an attendee may not engage with others but finds enjoyment in just being there in the moment, knowing those attending your party can help create a sense of ease for all guests.

   Your mix of guests is extremely important in creating an event that is unified and flows well with many less mishaps and awkward moments. Some events like weddings and huge corporate events, people of all varieties mix and mingle and this can be a great thing for learning, opening minds and sharing experiences but depending on the type of event you are hosting keeping your mix of guests in mind can really help engagement. Sometimes mixing those on the far sides of the political spectrum can cause tension. You also don’t want to put guests who are easy to upset with guests who ae careless with their words. If you are hosting more intimate affairs you should always make sure guests are seated near other guests they may not know but may share similar interests with. Remember the diversity that comes with people and try to plan accordingly.

   Being a good host is essential to creating rememberable affair for all guests and will make them want to come back again. Part of that memory is sharing the moment with others. Your attendees may not know each other before the event but hey should know a few new people after. And that is truly your tool for gauging the success of circulation at your party.  

James Novotny is the administrative asssitant at The I Do Company and director Always the Bridesman