Regardless of your style or budget, your wedding cake is a prime chance to take advantage of your fun and flashy side. Enchant your visitors with a sweet treat toward the finish of the event. In case you’re getting hitched in the following year, you’ll need to look at these wedding cake trends that we’re hoping to see everywhere in 2020.

Fabric Edging

     This kind of cake is purposefully left simple around the sides, and the outcome is irrefutably sweet. Deckle, ruffled and pleated sides give the dream bloom petals or gabric enclosing your cake. Go hard and fast with this wedding cake pattern by deciding on various layers of deckle or ruffled sides with small detailing like gold edges or adopt a more moderate style by picking a smooth fondant cake highlighted with one textured level.

Edible Blooms 

     Edible blooms are on track to be a significant wedding cake fashion in 2020. We’ve seen couples emphasize their wedding cakes with plentiful falling petals. Though this trend isn’t completely new, greenery and floral cake toppers give the signature look a new twist. The possibility of consumable blossoms can be followed back to the Victorian period! Take a stab at utilizing singular petals from these blooms, instead of the entire blossoms themselves, to design a buttercream cake and make it simpler for your visitors to jump aboard with the concept.

Tile Prints 

     From terrazzo to chinoiserie and Moroccan-motivated examples, tile prints are one of the boldest wedding cake patterns for 2020. Couples who need to create an impression with their wedding cake will adore this pattern, particularly since it goes well with other eye-getting components, similar to metallic foils, splendid hues, and geometric accents. Utilizing edible ink and unique printing innovation, some wedding cake pastry specialists can make a exact copy of your creative ideas.

Impressionist subtleties 

     Are you bringing art into your wedding? What could be better? On the off chance that you are inspired by Impressionist artists like Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, and Edgar Degas, this is the wedding cake style for you! Picture these classic works come to life. Unique painterly subtleties will be probably the prettiest approaches to beautify your wedding cake in 2020. Try delicate brushstrokes, fragile florals, or offbeat whirling designs in pastel hues. The final product is, obviously, a unique masterpiece.

Bye Bye Cakes

     Is cake not your thing? Don’t worry! In case you’re not an enthusiast of customary cake, there are still a lot of different choices for your pastry table. Some wedding cake alterative include crepe stacks, flapjack stacks, doughnut towers, cheddar wheel cakes, macaron cakes and way way more! This alternative gives you a similar wow factor that you’d have with a wedding cake. This is also a fun time to venture out into other cultures and heritages of you and your partner.

     Whether you opt for cakes or other sweets, it can’t be denied that 2020 is the year of the dessert when it comes to your wedding. Try one of these trends or a combination of two to create a customized style all you!

James Novotny is the administrative assistant at

The I Do Company and director Always the Bridesman