One of the Simplest ways to save on the cost of floral is to remove it all together and replace it with a cost friendly décor option or silk option. However, if your dream wedding has to have fresh blooms here are five tips to help lower the cost of your floral budget.  

  1. Two-for-one Floral 

   If you want flowers at your ceremony and reception this will almost double the price of your flower bottom line. Instead of opting for twice the amount of floral appoint someone to transfer the flowers you have already paid for at the wedding reception to the venue. When you are taking photographs and your guests are at the cocktail hour your appointed guest can make the drop of and your decorator or caterer can manage placement. Also don’t forget to reuse your bridal flowers! The bouquets won’t be used from the end of the ceremony on so make use of them in your head table display. 

  1. Do Your Research 

   Make sure you learn a thing or two about flowers before going into your consultation if you don’t know your florist personally. This will provide you some industry based knowledge instead of simply being guided towards potentially more expensive options. Picking flowers in season and knowing what options can be interchanged for a lower price point will help you get the overall image you desire without the expensive pricing 

  1. Minimal or Bold

   There are two ways you can go with this money saving idea, sticking with minimal or go bold. Going simple can be choosing limited hoes or even reducing your flowers to one or two blooms per vase or even mixing non floral items in with your arrangements such as feathers and crystal tings. Choosing to go the bolder route is selecting more expensive and much large flowers but surrounding them by more affordable options so you get the boldness you desire but at cheaper price in the endKeep in mind placement. If you are choosing pricier flowers, make sure these flowers are at the forefront of your design. 

  1. Look Around You

   Your location and time of year can affect this greatly but look at what your environments have to offer your event. Many churches decorate for massive religious holidays well in advance like Easter and Christmas. Using that knowledge to your benefit you may only need to pay for the bouquets and boutonnieres your bridal team will have on them. If you are opting for the warmer months as most brides do try the outdoors in a garden or forest where there is already plenty of the nature and floral you are seeking and don’t have to pay for! 

  1. Know Your Options 

   As I said beforedo your research. Educate yourself on the cost effect look alikes you can use in place of your pricier options and know when substituting for silk alongside real in an arrangement is a better option. Many magazines now shoe you cost alternatives to your favorite styles. Don’t disregard this. Some greenery and ‘filler’ flowers can add an eye-catching effect at less of a cost. Mums and carnations are great options to and come in a variety of color options. 

James Novotny is the administrative asssitant at The I Do Company and director Always the Bridesman