As the year comes to a close, so too do the trends of the year past. 2019 brought with it a uniqueness in weddings not seen before long with a few headlining marriages that stole the eyes of the world. These trends along with personalization are the key to the wedding wave of 2020.

Unique Headbands 

     From soft vintage pins to boho roused blossom  bands, in 2019/2020, it’s about the specialized headpieces. Regardless of whether you’re searching for something increasingly shimmery like a tiara or something more natural and ethereal, with this trend making its way through 2020 there is a perfect style for your wedding.

Keeping it Green

     It shouldn’t come as an unexpected surprise that many newlyweds are opting for more eco-friendly wedding alternatives. There are bunches of easily overlooked details you can do which are certain to lessen your carbon footprint and save the earth. Here are only a couple of thoughts: Reused stationery keeping it local and carefully sourced flowers are just a few examples.

Intense Colors

    Always venturing from the more conventional pastel shading, more couples are picking striking and energetic tones. Adopting a bolder palette with dramatic colors can truly add to the general style and make an increasingly energetic look. This is a trend that is creating more unique and original weddings for every couple.

Your Tech Wedding

     Wedding technology may sound expensive however what we’re discussing is photography, videography and interestingly special impacts. Couples are progressively selecting drones to photo or film their huge day from the air! In the event that you need to change your indoor video view video mapping, it’s another pattern which will get huge in 2019. You basically have a projector which sparkles light or pictures onto the dividers and floor, changing your space anyway you need! 

Culinary Inventiveness 

     While there’s nothing amiss with a customary and more traditional wedding dinner, it would seem that couples are getting progressively unique with their wedding menus. With an ever expanding world with mass media multicultural meals are becoming more common. Food can be one of the most memorable parts of your wedding so why not make it special by bringing your heritage into the mix.

The wedding band 

     One of the most game changing 2020 wedding trends when it comes to wedding bands are couples picking their rings together, both the commitment and wedding rings! It’s significant that the rings are something you both love so deciding as a pair will be a trend that is sure to last.  

Simply Stunning Gowns

     One of the most special and stunning portions of your day is your wedding dress.Brides are currently looking for their dress with adornaments along with the comfort to make it through the long night. Since the UK’s imperial wedding with Meghan we’ve seen brides opting for straightforward and rich lines, combined with sensational shroud that have beaded or trim edging to include amazing element.

Bold Blooms

     Minute details will over shadow excess in 2020 weddings. Weddings with straightforward tables yet one stunning floral detail is in for the year.  There’s a move away from increasingly developed flower arrangements for much more dramatic subtle looks, keeping it exquisite but not flashy.

     Bringing in trends keeps your wedding current but too many will drown out the personality. At the end of the day your wedding should be uniquely yours. Try one or two of the above trends during your wedding so you don’t go overboard creating a wedding that quickly becomes dated.

James Novotny is the administrative assistant at The I Do Company and director Always the Bridesman