Educators will be the first to reveal to you that it takes something other than ability to be an incredible artist. Did you realize that the best dance students work the hardest as well as show other basic moves? If you want to get the most out of your dance lessons follow these 15 tips:

  1. Arrive early. Arrive to learn. If you are not wearing the right attire you will need to get ready and being early sets you up for that. 
  2. Come prepared. Prepare yourself in adance so you arrive with the proper materials, whether that be clothing, waterbottles, notebooks or any other equipment.
  3. Stay focused and alert during class. Dancing takes a lot of energy so make sure you ar egetting the proper rest as you’ll be using alot of your endurance during this time.
  4. Ask questions. Be an active member of the leanring experience and don’t be affraid to ask questions. This also applies to listening to others questions and answers as it may help you along the way.
  5. Think ahead as you dance. This takes practice. Stay focused and build your intuition and knowledge of certain movements and how they relate so you will be ready for sudden twists and turns.
  6. Take notes. Notes are not that common with dancers but if there are any sit down sessions be sure to write as much as you can. These will be useful for moments you are not in class where you can practice and grow.
  7. Condition the body outside of class. Dance class is where you develop your dance skills. You develop greater dance fitness, strength and endurance to perform these dance skills with cross-training outside of class.
  8. Listen to the body in class. Pay attention to your current limitations. Be mindful of how your body feels. As you adavcne you will slowly push what you are capable of but don’t do it all at once.
  9. Talk with your teacher. Build a solid, professional relationship with your instructor. Stick to the subject to get the most out of your lessons. Make sure socializing is kept to before and after sessions.
  10. Trust and respect your teacher. Trust their judgment, decisions, motives and past knowledge. If you do feel their methods do not fit your needs it may be time to find a new teacher.
  11. Learn the basics. Even if you feel you are past this you can always stand a refresher. You should never feel you are better then soemthing so be open to leanring and relearning.
  12. Be Supportive of your fellow classmates. Praise their efforts and accomplishments. Offer to help or give help when asked by your teacher.
  13. Respond with gratitude. Leave any negativity outside the studio. This will only hinder your thoughts and leanring. And wlays remember to say thank you for corrections and compliments.