Just because your wedding is in the off season doesn’t mean it can’t be just as magical and marvelous as a summer party! Here are ten ideas you can bring to your big day to change a blustery day into a winter wonderland.

  1. Decorating your tablescape with a seasonal shading is perhaps the most ideal approaches to feature your winter wedding style. For this wonderful wonderland, warm hues and shades of gold. The twinkling metallic demands your attention and adds a component of shimmer and shine to your photos. Select gold in your flatware to carry this important detail through each place setting. 


  1. Winter is the perfect time to opt for thicker fabrics and layering. Pick a long-sleeve dress with a matching wrap. This style creates a lux appearance many will love. Choosing clothing that is beautiful and warm enough for a crisp evening is a key factor to think about when arranging your winter wedding attire.
  1. Creativity in your menu is one of the funniest parts of your wedding as it is a portion of your big day everyone gets to engage with. You can have the majority of your meal be your preferred treat but be sure to include some winter classics like a squash dish, or warm pumpkin soup. Think about serving some traditional drinks like eggnog, spiced wine, or hot cocoa 


  1. The newly rebirthed rustic style and winter weddings are made for one another! Think of evergreen trees and wreaths, pinecones in bulk, candles and flame lamps and much much more! Ideas don’t have to be too far off when searching pinterest creative rustic inspiration. Tree stumps and wood cuts can be topped with candles, oak seeds, nuts, branches. Spruce up your seats with sew spreads to make them cozier or include evergreen wreaths with pine cones rather than common signage. The possibilities are endless!

5. What better excuse do you have to escape the occasional blustery winter season than a good honeymoon? Not only will you be able to escape the midwestern winter you will also be able to get your dream vacation cheaper. Marry in winter months and you won’t have the issue of overcrowded beaches and heightened location pricing as it is their off season.

6. The Christmas season is a magical time of year or so they say. What a time to get hitched in the twinkling lights and festive seasonal decor. Use this feel to your advantage. Choose a group of professional singers to present Christmas carols before your ceremony or provide guests with free blankets and cups of coco. The idea is to recreate that old-fashioned holiday experience at your wedding. 

  1. This time of year is all about texture! Winter is the season to go extra with our sense of touch. Fabrics like fur, velvet, silks, and saude are perfect for the holiday season but don’t forget about beading, braiding or weaving patterns. Remember texture is as much a visual stimuli as a physical one so even if they can’t touch the memory of the feel from days past is a perfect idea for the winter months.


  1. A perfect way to incorporate the previously mentioned texture are chair covers. These often overlooked wedding addition as a perfect piece to finish off the reception’s theme. You can choose one of the lush fabrics above or choose a more festive display utilizing old Christmas wreaths or other holiday decor. Bonus points if you can incorporate your name tags in your design. 
  1. If a greater part of your visitors observe Christmas, an adornment makes an ideal parting gift. If you want to avoid being holiday specific try a do-it-yourself gift such as a tin of spiced hot cocoa blend or a mason jar with all the dry ingredients to make their own cookies. This idea allows your guests to take home something that doesn’t just take up space but is actually useful during the holiday season.


  1. Don’t forget the beautiful smells of your wedding went. Think cinnamon, vanilla and other delicious scents you remember from your youth that filled the kitchen each autumn and winter. They say your sense of smell can help you recall memories faster than any other sense! A great event is a full sensory experience so certainly don’t forget this one.